TheFlute New Music Consortium is an organization with the shared mission of promoting new music for the flute by commissioning works, organizing simultaneous premieres, and encouraging repeat performances. Commissioned composers have included Zhou Lang, Carter Pann, and Valerie Coleman. 

Taking place every June, Wyoming Summer Flute Intensive presents three days of workshops in which participants build tone, learn creative practice tips, prepare audition music, and bond with fellow flutists from around the country. Optional topics include an introduction to piccolo playing and overcoming stage fright. Come in a humble band flutist, leave a flute rock star! For grades 8-12. 

Geared towards middle school students in Northern CO, Flute Crew offers weekly 45-minute sessions in which students develop and reinforce good playing fundamentals through a holistic practice routine in a fun, economical group learning experience.

Includes performance and career tips, pedagogical discussions, and reviews of new compositions and recordings.

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